11. Upgrade from Cockpit v3.10.1 to Cockpit v4.x

This Chapter contains instructions on how to upgrade your running Analysis Cockpit version 3.10.1 to the newest version 4.


If you want to stay on version 3 of the Analysis Cockpit and still install updates, you can run the following commands via SSH:

nextron@analysis:~$ sudo apt update
nextron@analysis:~$ sudo apt upgrade

There are two chapters, one for a standalone installation and one for an installation with an Elasticsearch Cluster. Depending on your environment, please follow only one section:

We developed an update program which helps you through the upgrade by automating as much as possible. You still have to upgrade your Elasticsearch cluster manually, due to version limitations with your master node.


Your cockpit will be unavailable for an extended period of time during the upgrade proccess, usually between 30 and 60 minutes. Please make sure that no user is working with the Analysis Cockpit during the upgrade process.