10.1. AAC#003: [WAR] could not create case

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Fixed Version



There is currently a bug in the Analysis Cockpit when creating cases, if the following conditions are given:

  • Baseline view with a limited time frame (e.g. 30 days)

  • Trying to create a Condition Case

When you try to create a case with the above criteria given, you will receive the following error:

[WAR] could not create case ERROR: can not create case with more than one source (query / condition / regex) set

10.1.1. AAC#003: Workaround

While we are working on the fix, you can do the following to avoid the above error:

  • Change the time frame to All time in your baseline view

10.2. AAC#002: Scan stuck at Status "Unknown"

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Fixed Version



There is currently a bug in the Analysis Cockpit which prevents some Scans from being imported correctly.

This is caused by very big events (a single event bigger than 64 Kb), which will cause the parser to error. The Analysis Cockpit can never finish importing this Scan.

10.2.1. AAC#002: Fix

We are currently testing the fix, which will skip larger events and finish importing the scan logs.

You will also have the possibility to set the maximum size of a single log line in the advanced options, once the fix is released.

You will additionally see failed Log imports in the Dashboard of your Analysis Cockpit.

10.2.2. AAC#002: Check

You can check if one of your scan logs is effected if the following conditions are met:

You will see a scan which is in the Status Unknown

Scan stuck at Status ``Unknown``

When you connect to your Analysis Cockpit via SSH and enter a root session, you can execute the following command to see if the error occured on one or more log files:

root@analysis:# grep -R "ERROR: bufio.Scanner: token too long" /var/log/asgard-analysis-cockpit
Jan 26 16:18:49 analysis analysiscockpit4[29459]: 2024-01-26T15:18:49Z [ERR] could not read events from file PATH: /var/lib/asgard-analysis-cockpit/events/upload_siduction_thor_2024-01-06.txt ERROR: bufio.Scanner: token too long

You should see from the above output which log had problems, which should also be reflected in the filename:

root@analysis:# ls /var/lib/asgard-analysis-cockpit/events

The file has the .problem suffix, which indicates a problem during the import.

Once you installed the update you can re-import the failed scan logs. You can either upload them manually again, or rename the files from the output above (remove the .problem suffix).

10.3. AAC#001: Could not get table data: Data too large

This issue is related to ElasticSearch, which stores your Analysis Cockpit's events. Elasticsearch calculates the required RAM for operations before executing them.

The below error might occur on complex searches or aggregations (e.g. for the graphs in the baselining view). To fix this issue, you have to increase the RAM of your Analysis Cockpit and reconfigure ElasticSearch to actually use more RAM.

10.3.1. AAC#001: Fix

To actually fix the problem, you have to allocate more RAM to your Analysis Cockpit. You should be able to do this via your hypervisor.

To increase heap space for ElasticSearch, edit the following configuration file on your Analysis Cockpit:

nextron@cockpit:~$ sudoedit /etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options.d/10-cockpit.options

You should see the following default values:

  • Xms represents the initial size of total heap space

  • Xmx represents the maximum size of total heap space

The 2g part of the values indicates the heap space in gigabytes. We advise to use 50% of your system's memory for ElasticSearch. On a system with a maximum of 8 GB of RAM, this would be 4g:


After you saved your changes, restart the elasticsearch service (this could take a few seconds!):

nextron@cockpit:~$ sudo systemctl restart elasticsearch.service

Make sure the service is in active (running) state after you restarted it:

nextron@cockpit:~$ sudo systemctl status elasticsearch.service