7.1. Configuration Backup & Restore

The Analysis Cockpit comes with a backup and restore function for its configuration. The Configuration Backup contains the following data:

  • Cases, Grouping Criteria, Recommendations, Case Changes, Case Comments

  • Users, Roles, LDAP Roles, Role Rights

  • User Configurations

To perform a backup, you can simply go to Settings > Backup and click Create Configuration Backup. To restore from an old backup, it is important to understand the implications of the restore. From the Backup page of the Analysis Cockpit:

The restore procedure will install a previously generated configuration backup on this Analysis Cockpit. All data on this Analysis Cockpit will be deleted before. This can only be done on newly installed Analysis Cockpits and not on an Analysis Cockpit that is already in use. Do not use the restore to rollback to an earlier point in time, this will cause inconsistent data.


Installing a configuration backup of an earlier Analysis Cockpit Release Version is not supported and may fail. The currently installed version is 3.5.6. The version of the configuration backup can be found in the file name. The backup's file name has the following pattern: analysis_cockpit_%VERSION%_backup_%DATE%.sql.gz

Configuration Backup & Restore

Configuration Backup & Restore