1.2. Hardware Requirements

There are a few things to consider, before you start with the installation.

If you install on VMWare, the minimum requirements for the virtual machine are as follows:

  • System memory: 16 GB

  • Hard disk: 200 GB

  • CPU cores: 2

The disk size of 200 GB is fine in scenarios where you import only Alerts and Warnings into the Cockpit, scan less than 1.000 systems on a weekly basis and want to keep the logs for less than one year. If you also import Notices and Info messages for these 1.000 servers, we recommend a disk size of at least 500 GB.

For an Installation of up to 20.000 endpoints the following specifications are recommended:

  • System memory: 32 GB

  • Hard disk: 2 TB SSD

  • CPU cores: 4